School Resource Officer Services

The Aledo Police Department works in partnership with the Mercer County School District to provide School Resource Officer (SRO) services to the schools in our community. Officers maintain a visible presence on the various school campuses. They work with the administration, faculty and staff to assure our children have a safe and secure learning environment.

Some of the officers’ safety and security related duties include:
  •  Security presence at events
  •  Visible patrols in and around school facilities
  •  Visible presence in school zones, near bus stops, and in areas where children travel to and from school
  •  Ongoing contact with students and staff
  •  Regular checks of the school buildings and grounds during times and on days when the schools are closed
  •  Respond to incidents involving students, staff, parents or school facilities
  •  Work to resolve ongoing issues involving students
  •  Investigate crimes and offenses against the students, staff and school facilities
  •  Liaison with the administrative staff of the schools
  •  Provide security training and information to the faculty and staff of the District
  •  Conduct security surveys of the facilities and grounds

Other SRO Duties:

  • Youth outreach programs designed to build relationships with students
  • Assist with student interviews
  • Participation in school district programs and events